Welcome to our barn!

In the 1890’s, RA Shepard built his barn against the side of a hill or “bank” in a style that we now know as a Bank Barn, one of the most popular type of barns found on dairy farms. The bank or incline would allow a horse and wagon pull up and into the hay mow. Below the mow, stanchions lined up and down the center aisle for cows to be milked. 

Considered a post and beam construction, heavy timbers were used in lieu of traditionally cut timbers, allowing for larger and fewer posts and beams. Instead of nails, wooden pegs were pounded into pre-drilled holes in the timber to bring the structure together. These can still be seen in many areas of the barn if you look closely! 

To share this wonderful Wisconsin gem, one of many that dot our agricultural landscape, we like to slide open the barn doors and invite guests in. We’ll post any future events here, so keep tuned in. We’ll see you soon!