As a fourth generation farmer, Peter Lewke grew up and carried on the tradition of raising cows and cattle on the home farm, when he found the opportunity to purchase additional land and buildings allowing him to expand his family operation. This included a farmhouse in which he discovered inscribed in the foundation the words, “RA Shepard 1863”. Across the farmyard stood a barn, leaning a bit and not in great shape but surmised to be from the early 1900’s Pete wanted to keep both in as much original shape as possible. After much gutting, rewiring, carpentry, blood, sweat and legwork…the house and barn still stand proud. And RA Shepard still remains written in the basement, and as a namesake to the barn.

A few years later, Micka made the leap from Chicago urban to Columbus rural to meet Peter, and see what all this farm life was about. A year and a half later, they got married in Shepard’s barn. The barn loved all the music and dancing so much that Peter and Micka decided to bring more life back to the old girl.

So…the stage was expanded, horse stalls built in the lower level where once stood stanchions, and the farmland’s quarters were reinvented as a sweet, vintage-inspired guest suite.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey of activity where we have our annual ag festival, relax in our guest suite, and board your horse while taking advantage of our area trails, horse shows and the tri-county events and activities.